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Halton Hills Hydro uses Quadra Estimating Software for complex utility projects, capital budgeting and tracking

We sat down with Jennifer Gordon, Project Manager and Christopher Hale, Engineering Supervisor from Halton Hills Hydro to learn how their organization is using Quadra Job Cost Estimating software to streamline the estimating process for complex utility projects.

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“With Quadra, there is a lot more accuracy in terms of pulling materials into a job bill of materials because now we’re pulling from stock assemblies where all of the information is there, and Quadra is pulling the pricing directly from our inventory system. When the Engineering Technicians are building the bill of materials, they no longer have to manually pull those materials. If needed, we can go back in and quickly update the pricing using Quadra, rather than having to manually go into our inventory system and pull out the prices.

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Halton Hills Hydro serves 23,000 customers in two urban centres, Georgetown and Acton, the Halton Hills Premier Gateway employment area, the hamlets of Glen Williams, Stewarttown and Norval and several smaller settlements in their 280 square kilometre service area. Halton Hills Hydro is the recipient of the 2017 Electricity Distributor Association’s Innovation Excellence Award and the 219 Communications Excellence Award.