Automate and streamline your quoting process with Quadra

Quadra seamlessly integrates with virtually any ERP system, allowing for a more efficient, accurate and automated sales process. Integrated systems eliminate duplicate entries, minimize keying errors, reduce pricing discrepancies and enable version control – among many other advantages.

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WennSoft Integration

Quadra’s seamless integration with WennSoft enables:

  • Real-time material pricing

  • Purchase order automation

  • Sales order automation

  • Job Cost Creation and Estimate Creation

  • Service Call Creation and Quote Creation
  • Service Contract Creation and Quote Creation
  • Equipment Survey and Creation

JD Edwards

Quadra’s integrates with JD Edwards ERP to provide:

  • Automatic import of vendor pricing into Quadra

  • Automatic import of material items and pricing into Quadra

  • Budget and Estimate details export to JD Edwards for Work Order Creation

Learn more about JD Edwards ERP


Specializing in the utility industry, Quadra integrates with Cayenta to provide:

  • Real-time material pricing

  • Work Order Creation

  • Estimate and Task Creation


Quadra integrates with Jonas Construction Software to offer efficient maintenance contract and service call quoting capabilities. Integration enables:

  • Maintenance Contract and Revenue Export to Jonas for Creation

  • Scheduling export to Jonas for Service Call/Visit Creation

Learn more about Jonas Construction Software.