Q&A: How Quadra Transformed GrandBridge Energy’s Estimating and Planning Process

Earlier this year, GrandBridge Energy (GBE), the eighth largest municipally owned electricity distributor in Ontario, embarked on a transformative journey with Quadra Job Cost Estimating and Planning software. Having used Quadra for several months now, ERTH recently caught up with Prescott Davis, Manager of Engineering and Continuous Improvement at GrandBridge Energy, to see how Quadra has transformed their estimating and planning process.

When did GrandBridge Energy begin using Quadra Job Cost Estimating and Planning software and what challenges were you trying to overcome with the tool?

GrandBridge Energy has been using Quadra since May 29, 2023. The primary challenge that GBE aimed to address was to improve our job estimating process by replacing an Excel-based estimating tool and older third-party software with a powerful, streamlined solution. The existing tools were connected to our ERP system, and therefore the software that we chose also had to integrate with our ERP system. Our objective was to replace manual processes with Quadra in order to achieve automation and obtain external support.

Walk us through how you are using Quadra today at GBE.

Currently, GrandBridge Energy uses Quadra for the creation, cost estimation, and review of distribution system projects. It is also employed for generating and monitoring billable jobs.

From a change management perspective, tell us a bit about the implementation and user training process.

The implementation phase encompassed testing and establishing the connection between Quadra and our ERP system before the official rollout. Each design technician was assigned testing modules within the Quadra development environment prior to the go-live date. To ensure a smooth transition, onsite training was conducted, providing additional hands-on experience with the system. Support also continued after go live.

Now that you’ve been using Quadra for a while, what are the greatest benefits and process efficiencies you’ve realized?

The key benefits of Quadra for GrandBridge Energy are: enhanced estimating capabilities, centralized data, collaboration and transparency among our team members, and improved reporting and analysis. Quadra has revolutionized the way we estimate project costs, ensuring optimal resource allocation and enhancing decision-making. Quadra allowed us to introduce a project approval process that varies according to the overall project cost creating a more efficient and streamlined workflow. Quadra marks a significant milestone in GrandBridge Energy’s commitment to innovation and efficiency and supports our Strategic Goal to Evolve through Innovation.

Anything else you would like to add?

The ERTH team was highly responsive, promptly addressing any challenges that arose. This support played a crucial role in the project’s success and ERTH continues to assist with any ongoing issues.

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