Job Cost Quoting

Quadra Job Cost Quoting is a powerful and feature-rich estimating and project management tool that seamlessly integrates with your job cost and financial systems to eliminate complex spreadsheets, duplicate entry and reduces user and data errors that cut into your margins. Complex estimates are easily created by using preconfigured assemblies, importing take-offs or CSV files, or by simply copying from previous jobs.

Job Cost Quoting

Job Cost Estimating for Utilities

Job Cost Quoting

Job Cost Quoting for Construction

Job Cost Estimating for Utilities

Quickly and accurately create complex estimates

Quadra allows you to create complex estimates from:

  • Assemblies

  • Construction Units

  • Templates

  • Import from CSV

  • Import Supplier Files

  • AutoCAD

Screenshot of Quadra job cost quoting showing an example of an assembly

Supports assembly libraries

Quadra supports assembly libraries like USF, as well as compatibility units, allowing you to:

  • Group multiple material, labor, and non-stock items

  • Automatically link associated parts for size, voltage, or other adjustments

  • Associate financial codes

  • Auto-adjust item quantities based on changes to units of measure

  • Quickly duplicate and modify assemblies

Multi-year capital planning and tracking

Quadra allows you to create budgets and form multi-year capital plans.

  • Easily move jobs between budget years based upon a variety of factors

  • Quickly go from Budget to Estimate and then track actuals

  • Report on all your annual budget items down to the cost code for reporting and tracking purposes

  • Monitor in real-time the performance of your annual budgets

Quadra project management module screen shot

Visibility and accountability into every project

Track every stage of your bid-to-invoice life cycle.

Quadra has a robust and user-friendly Project Management module designed for tracking construction projects. Configurable alerts keep everyone on task and customizable dashboards help you manage multiple projects at the same time.

Support your distribution plan with Quadra

Quadra allows you to track the elements of your projects so that you can report on all the required metrics to support your distribution system plan.

Support Your Distribution Plan Screen Shot
Project Management Screenshot

Centralize your project documentation in one spot

Comments, pictures, permits, applications, online forms, drawings, emails all form a key element of your projects. Having them stored in Quadra against your projects makes it convenient, secure and easy to track. This eliminates have multiple copies floating around on people’s computers or on network folders.

Job Cost Quoting for Construction Projects

Bill of materials

Quadra provides the ability to customize the bill of materials report allowing users to group and sort the data.

Project Management Screenshot Computer Mockup
Real-time material and labor pricing screenshot

Real-time material and labor pricing

Without access to real-time pricing you are guessing and not estimating. Quadra integrates with your inventory module to pull prices and stock levels in real-time. You can also import material items and prices directly from your suppliers ensuring you have 100% accurate estimates. If you copy estimates or have a bid with expired pricing, you can refresh prices with the click of your mouse. Quadra also supports divisional pricing for enterprise organizations.

Customizable proposal templates

Create comprehensive, professional maintenance contract proposals using customizable pre-configured templates. You can even have multiple proposal templates available for different services or business units.

Customizable proposal mock templates
Version control icon

Version control and change order management

Quadra’s version control allows for multiple quotes to be provided to the customer with different options and phases. This allows users and customers to track change orders and compare or revert to previous versions.

Visibility into the sales process

Whether it is a manager approving pricing on a bid or a customer signing off on a quote, Quadra logs and tracks every action taken on a job. With multiple approval thresholds, you can customize your approvals to match your business practices. With Quadra’s bid generator, you can have any number of customized bid documents ranging from a simple one-pager to complex contracts.

Key Features:

  • Create real-time estimates

  • Leverage assemblies for creating estimates

  • Create custom reports using SSRS

  • Easily create quotes

  • Report on quote status such as wins and losses

  • Validate material pricing and adjust or import pricing changes

  • Adjust estimates based on factors such as weather, ground conditions, traffic etc.

  • Build Job Library for Multi-Year Capital Planning

  • Build multiple versions of jobs for analysis purposes

Workflow infographic illustrating Quadra job cost estimating process from bid to invoice stage

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