Maintenance Contract Quoting

Quadra Maintenance Contract Quoting software is a fully integrated quoting tool designed to simplify all of your contract quoting needs. Easily add equipment, tasks, and alter frequency from a library of equipment and tasks for fast and effective quoting.

Eliminate duplicate entry and manual processing

Duplicate entry and manual processing are two of the main reasons quotes take so long to produce and often lead to mistakes and errors. By eliminating this extra work you streamline your sales process, get quotes in front of your customers sooner and significantly reduce the risk of scope creep and margin erosion.

Survey equipment records

Collecting accurate equipment information is critical to the accuracy and profitability of your maintenance contracts. Quadra has 3 ways of collecting the equipment data:

  1. Quadra Mobile Survey tool which fully integrates with the Maintenance Contract Quoting module
  2. Excel import into Quadra
  3. Direct entry into the system
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Build trust through transparency

Quadra users like the fact that they have the option to work up a contract while onsite or online in front of the customer. They can see the anticipated effort for the various services and make adjustments to the frequency and scope to align with their budget. Customers know you are in business to make a profit so transparency in the sales process helps you gain trust and close more deals.

Comprehensive equipment and service maintenance library

Quadra has a comprehensive service library complete with 35,000 tasks/services that were created by industry experts and validated over years of service. Instead of starting from scratch, you can leverage the Quadra library and make changes based on your geographic region and other factors. Your service agreements can be as detailed or simplistic as needed.

Bar graph illustrating more maintenance contracts increases pull through work

More contracts, more pull-through work

Quadra is proven to close more contracts than other tools. Each new contract you win leads to an additional 2-3 times increase in your pull-through work and sales. A happy customer is a repeat customer!

Customizable proposal templates

Create comprehensive, professional maintenance contract proposals using customizable pre-configured templates. You can even have multiple proposal templates available for different services or business units.

Customizable proposal mock templates

Full visibility into the sales process

Being able to track every quote and proposal that goes out the door from one screen is incredibly helpful. The Dashboard and customized reporting allow you to follow up with customers and/or your sales team in real-time. Knowing your sales funnel and being able to act upon it will lead to more sales and happier customers.

Key Features:

  • Leverage full equipment and tasking library

  • Copy contracts from prior year

  • Add new equipment to customers

  • Calculate travel time

  • Use machine learning to predict material required to fulfill service contracts

  • Adjust task scheduling dynamically

  • Add new equipment records to customers

  • Change skill levels and factor tasks

  • Remove tasks or assign tasks to customers to reduce scope

  • Create detailed quotes in a click

Quadra Maintenance Contract integrated with WennSoft and GP workflow graphic

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