Service Call Quoting

Quadra Service Call Quoting is a mobile, cloud-based software solution that allows you to quickly create service call and repair quotes, from a mobile device or desktop browser.

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration to most ERP systems
  • Empower your technicians with the ability to quickly generate quotes
  • Real-time data exchange between multiple platforms
  • Select from multiple, customizable quote templates
  • Flexible approval workflow
  • Built-in Travel Calculator
  • Capture and attach images and videos


  • Reduce quoting time by 50%

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry into multiple systems
  • Overcome limitations of spreadsheets
  • Streamlines interaction between technicians, sales, and operations
  • Create quotes and get customer sign off all while on-site
  • Increase profits and productivity
  • Improve quote accuracy and consistency
  • Automate manual tasks

Streamline your sales process

Quadra streamlines your sales process by allowing your technicians, sales team and operations to collaborate in real-time, between the field and the office. This eliminates duplicate effort and helps get quotes in front of your customers in minutes, rather than hours or days.

Depending on your business process and resource allocation, Quadra provides flexibility to quote three different ways – using your technicians, inside sales or a combination.

Technician + Estimator


Technician Only

Inside Sales Only

Technician using mobile device with Quadra screenshot in the background

Empower your technicians to sell

Your technicians are your best sales resources. They spend the most time with your customers and often have the best relationship with them. Quadra Service Call Quoting software empowers technicians to identify sales opportunities and make recommendations to customers about required work, while onsite.

Step 1 – Create recommendations including estimated parts and labor, and photos

Step 2 – Convert recommendation(s) to a quote

Step 3 – Notify customer of quote for review and approval

Step 4 – Once approved, service call is automatically created

Stay ahead of the competition

In today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment, customers want quick, quality service. Quadra enables your technicians and sales team to get quotes to your customers ahead of the competition.

Easy to use and deploy

  • With Quadra’s user-friendly, intuitive interface, you can have your technicians and sales team trained and running in less than 30 minutes
  • Easy-to-use templates allow technicians to quickly create and adjust recommendations and quotes
  • Receive back-office approvals instantly while still in the field
  • Get customer sign-off without leaving the site

Protect margins, reduce risks

By accurately identifying the scope of each repair and leveraging the material and labor pricing, you can ensure your margins are protected. You can let the system set margins and commission levels or you can let your sales teams adjust as permitted.

Protect margins screenshot

Full visibility into the sales process

You will never lose track of another lead or deal because Quadra tracks the status of each opportunity, and notifies your sales team when it is time to take action. This allows them to follow up on sales and track their monthly progress with Quadra’s dashboard and sales reports.

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