Think Quadra Newsletter – Q1 2024

The purpose of this newsletter is to inform our customers about ongoing product improvements, enhancement roadmap updates and product information.

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New Version of Quadra

Quadra Version 6.0.5 and Mobile Version M7.3 Now Available

Has your organization upgraded to the latest version of Quadra yet? Some of the highlights of this new version include:

  • New Auto Assign feature in the Project Management module which will allow you to automatically assign either the Job Estimator or Project Manager to a task.
  • Multiple PDFs can now be attached to assemblies
  • A new feature allows users to import assemblies via a .csv file.
  • Items and assembly items can now be configured with more than one default cost code
  • Improved handling of idle users – free up user licenses by automatically logging out users who have been idle for a set time.
  • Service Contract enhancements to the equipment summary tab to display summarized hours including the ability to edit by total and by month
  • Additional flexibility for custom fields to define the data type, including the ability to add auto-complete dropdown fields generated from custom queries and use these in custom quotes.

For those of you using our Service Call product, the latest mobile release includes the following new functionality:

  • Ability to hide the ‘Notify by Email’ button for users who do not have permission to email customers.
  • Configure Default Call Types and Problem Types to simplify the process for creating service calls in Quadra.
  • The Recommendations Region will now default automatically when adding labor and assemblies
  • Configure the dashboard the way you want. New functionality allows for a customizable dashboard
  • Email Technicians when internal approval is processed on their quote.
  • Email alerts can now use custom queries in both the subject and email body for greater flexibility.

Contact us today at to schedule your upgrade and begin taking advantage of these new features.

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Product Enhancements

Introducing a New Collaborative Platform for Customer-Driven Product Enhancements

Last month, we launched a new collaborative platform for customer-driven product enhancements.

At Quadra, we believe that our customers, being the frontline users of our product, possess unparalleled insights into what truly matters in their daily operations. That’s why Quadra has launched a collaborative online platform dedicated to gathering and prioritizing customer feedback for future product enhancements.

Leveraging, Quadra customers have a direct channel to influence the future development of a product that their business relies on. Through this user-friendly online platform, Quadra customers can easily view, propose, and vote on desired product enhancements, shaping the roadmap for upcoming releases.

Here’s how it works:

  • View, Add, and Vote: Users now have the ability to explore existing enhancement requests, submit their own ideas, and vote on features they believe will enhance their overall experience with Quadra.

  • Product Roadmap Tracking: Quadra’s development team will track and display its product roadmap, giving customers visibility into the planned enhancements and updates.

  • User-Driven Prioritization: Quadra will utilize the insights gained from the collaborative platform to prioritize and implement the most requested features in future product releases.

  • Open Dialogue: The platform provides a forum for users to engage in open dialogue with like-minded Quadra users and our dedicated support team.

Since launching our online collaboration platform in January, some of the suggested enhancements are already in development. Check the site regularly to see the status of your ideas and see what ideas are receiving votes.

Whether a seasoned Quadra user or a rookie, this collaborative initiative invites Quadra users to actively participate in shaping the future of our product. Customer input will play a pivotal role in determining the direction of Quadra, ensuring that it continues to meet and exceed the expectations of its diverse user base.

Are you an active Quadra user and interested in joining the discussion? Contact us at

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Professional Services Bundles

Are you looking for some refresher training for new Quadra users or perhaps you’re unsure how to configure some of the latest features? Is there a report you’ve always wanted to get more information out of your Quadra environment? Upgrading your GP environment and need our assistance with the Quadra integration?

We offer Professional Services bundles at a reduced rate. These hours never expire and can be used for training, development, consulting or configuration. We offer 1, 3, 5 or 10 day bundles to meet your needs. Contact us at for a quote.

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