For Customers

In today’s fast-paced society, customers are looking for excellent service and quick turnaround times. Quadra ensures customers receive quotes sooner than the competition, with accurate information and no hidden details. Customers can access their account information at any time, including progress status and account history.

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With configurable quoting screens, Quadra provides transparency into every detail of the quote, allowing customers to see exactly what they are paying for. This helps to build trust and strong relationships between customers and contractors.

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Tracking and Visibility

Quadra allows you to track sales performance and stay on top of active leads with its real-time sales dashboard and reporting. Built-in workflows and notifications ensure you and your team stay on task and on target at all times.

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Get quotes faster

We’re all busy these days, and nobody has time to wait several days for a quote. With Quadra, customers get quotes faster, which means the work can start and finish sooner.

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Stay within budget and scope

Budgets are an important part of any business. Quadra allows contractors to dynamically adjust the scope of projects and maintenance agreements based on the customers’ needs, budget and timeline. Technicians or sales reps can walk through quotes in real-time with customers and remove tasks or assign tasks elsewhere in order to meet customer requirements.