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Spend less time quoting, more time growing!

Sales and Operations teams need tools that both simplify and streamline the sales and quoting process. Having one tool that allows you to quote large projects, pull through and service work as well as maintenance contracts is critical.

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Streamline your sales process

Quadra eliminates the back-and-forth between technicians, sales, finance and operations to create a seamless, integrated process. Excel sheets and other tools fail when multiple people sell. Quadra allows you to go seamlessly from lead to quote to close – all in one tool! This allows you to get quotes to your customers and prospects in minutes, not hours or days.


Gain full visibility

Quadra allows you to track sales performance and stay on top of active leads with its real-time sales dashboard and reporting. Built-in workflows and notifications ensure you and your team stay on task and on target at all times.

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Fully integrated

Quadra can be fully integrated with your ERP and finance systems to automate the sales process. All approved sales seamlessly link to your back office for scheduling and assigning of work.

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Increase pull through work

Quadra helps to increase pull through work with more maintenance contracts.

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More sales, higher margins

Customers are 8x more likely to go with the first quote they receive. Quadra allows you to stand out from the competition by getting quotes in front of customers faster. With its flexibility and transparency, Quadra allows you to build trust and retain valuable customers – because happy customers are repeat customers.

Features your sales and operations team will love:

  • Configurable proposal templates based on customer, industry or work

  • Add pictures of the equipment and required repairs to your proposals to improve close rates

  • Leverage libraries of equipment and service task lists to both standardize service work but also simplify the process to eliminate scope errors.

  • Real-time online tool that integrates customers, prospects, equipment and material

  • Track quotes from lead to quote to sales across all sales representatives and branches or regions

  • Dashboards to track sales

  • Work from the field or from the office with the same applications to eliminate duplicate entry and errors

  • Accountability for the sales process

  • Automatic notification of new leads or closed sales

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