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Empower your technicians with Quadra!

Your service technicians are the face of your company. Technicians spend the most time with your customers and ultimately determine how your company is represented. The Quadra mobile application puts the power into your technician’s hands.

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Easy to use and deploy

Technicians are extremely busy, so any new tools or applications must be easy to use and adopt. With Quadra’s user-friendly interface, technicians can be trained and running in less than 30-minutes

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Establish trust and strong customer relationships

Technicians often have the closest relationship with customers because they are the ones out in the field. Quadra allows technicians to build trust and strong relationships by providing transparency into every detail of the quote.

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Generate quotes quicker

Let’s face it, customers don’t want to wait days for a quote. Quadra allows technicians and sales reps to generate quotes quickly and accurately on the spot. The quicker you are able to get a quote in front of your prospect or customer, the more likely you are to close the deal.

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Increase sales and earn commission

Technicians aren’t just good at spinning wrenches, they can generate sales too. With Quadra, technicians play an important role in the sales process by acting as the first point of contact while onsite. Depending on the business model, companies can choose to offer commission or incentives to their technicians.

Features that technicians will appreciate:

  • Take pictures, videos and voice memos and create recommendations for customers that can either be given to the customer or sent automatically to the office for quoting.

  • Easily link new or existing equipment to the quotes

  • Email quotes to customers or have them sign their phone for approvals

  • Link or add quotes to existing service calls

  • Add labor and parts to the quotes from the pick lists, which both simplifies the process and reduces errors.

  • Utilize Quadra’s dashboards to incentivize your technicians to sell

  • Technicians can survey prospect customer’s equipment records linking pictures of faceplates, belts and filters to make it easier for your sales teams to quote maintenance contracts.

  • Verify the equipment records, belts and filters that are already associated with the customers location

  • Real-time integration to the back office which means material pricing is accurate but also notifies your office of all activity with the push of a button


When provided with the right tools, training and incentives, technicians will:

   Want to stay with your company

   Be your best sales force

   Keep customers happy

  Drive more maintenance contracts

 Drive more net new work

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