Maintenance Contracts: The Smarter Way to Grow Your Commercial HVAC and Mechanical Service Business

We recently exhibited at an international trade show for plumbing, mechanical service and HVAC contractors. After speaking with hundreds of owners, service managers, sales reps, and technicians throughout the course of the 3-day event, we were surprised to hear a few common pieces of feedback.

The first comment we heard multiple times was that contractors are so busy that in many cases they are no longer providing a quote, they just go straight to work because customers simply want the first contractor that is available.

The second thing we heard is that many contractors are still using good old-fashioned pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets to create their service call and field quotes. Yes, in 2022 pen and paper are still a thing.

The third thing we heard, which may have been most surprising, is that many contractors are not quoting maintenance contracts (also known as service contracts) as part of their sales and business development strategy.

Why Maintenance Contracts are the Smarter Way to Grow Your Business

Infographic showing Quadra generates 2-3x increase in pull-through workSo, why are maintenance contracts the smarter way to grow your business and why should you care if you’re already so busy with service calls?

Well, maintenance contracts provide sustainable, recurring revenue and the ability to plan and allocate your resources effectively. By selling maintenance contracts, you are establishing a long-term relationship with your customers, while maximizing their asset reliability and investment. In return, you generate sustainable cash flow from planned maintenance work and become their go-to for unplanned service/repair calls, which translates into even more revenue from pull-through work.

Maintenance contracts differentiate you from the competition because they allow you to build trust and dependability with your customers. In addition, maintenance contracts are customizable to each customer based on their budget, equipment assets and individual service needs.

With Quadra’s Maintenance Contract Quoting module, you can survey equipment records onsite from the mobile app, create a maintenance contract quote based on those assets, required tasks, parts, labor and service frequency, generate a formal PDF proposal with the click of a button using preset templates, and email it to the customer all within in a matter of minutes. Once approved, you can flip the signed proposal over to your finance and dispatch team, or even better, integrate with your finance system through an API to streamline the process even further.

So we’ll leave you with these final thoughts…

  • If you don’t have time to quote, maybe you need to find a better quoting tool.
  • If you’re still using pen and paper to quote, it’s probably time to join the 21st
  • If you aren’t quoting maintenance contracts, you’re missing out on huge revenue stream.

Thanks for reading. If you want to learn more, Schedule a Demo or ask about our Trial Program to see if Quadra is right for you.

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