Oakville Hydro

Oakville Hydro depends on Quadra software for complex job cost estimating

Quadra is not just a nice to have but a must have for Oakville Hydro. It saves our job planners, designers and financial team hours each and every day with the seamless integration between the 3 products, Quadra, WennSoft and GP. We are no longer updating spreadsheets with new inventory pricing or manually creating jobs in WennSoft (Key2Act). Having an ROI of less than 4 months made the purchase decision pretty easy for us but the continued collaborative partnership with ERTH has validated our decision. The fact that ERTH also uses Quadra to support their business reassures us that it will continue to meet our business needs well into the future.”

Mike Brown, Chief Operating Officer
Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc.

About Oakville Hydro

Oakville Hydro delivers reliable and safe electricity to more than 74,000 individuals, families and businesses in Oakville. The company maintains an active commitment to conservation, safety, and is strongly invested in the social and economic well-being of the Oakville community. Oakville Hydro is a two-time past recipient of the Local Distribution Company Performance Excellence Award from the Electricity Distributors Association and a Canada’s Safest Employers Silver Award recipient, recognizing the organization as an exceptional leader in the industry.